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Hosted by Chase Peckham, Director of Community Outreach for the San Diego Financial Literacy Center and host of the personal-finance podcast Talk Wealth To Me. Presented by Felipe Arevalo, Community Outreach Coordinator for the San Diego Financial Literacy Center and host of the personal-finance podcast Talk Wealth To Me.

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  1. How to Boost Your Credit Score
  2. Pay Off Debt or Improve My Credit Score: What Should I Do First?
  3. Help! My Account is in Collections
  4. How to Read Your Credit Report
  5. Credit Score Myths vs Reality
  6. 5 Holiday Budgeting Tips
  7. Creating a Game Plan for Paying Off Debt
  8. How to Establish S.M.A.R.T. Money Goals
  9. How to Enjoy a Debt-Free Valentine’s 
  10. Car Buying Checklist: 5 Tips Before You Drive Off
  11. Scam Alert! Protect Your Money & Your Identity 
  12. Spring Clean Your Finances
  13. Prepare for Your Grocery Adventure
  14. What to Do With Your Tax Refund
  15. Financial Steps Before Buying a Home
  16. Preparing Finances for Baby
  17. Fun Summer Activities on a Budget
  18. The Cost of Pet Ownership
  19. Common Money Disorders
  20. Financial Infidelity 
  21. Como Hacer Plan Un Para Liquidar Deudas (en Español)
  22. Back to School Savings
  23. Student Loan Updates
  24. Are You on Track to Avoid Holiday Debt?
  25. Financial Abuse Signs 
  26. What to Know Before Signing Financial Documents
  27. Emergency Repairs & Lessons from Surfside, Fla. 
  28. Financial Considerations BEFORE You Quit Your Job
  29. Afterpay & Fast Fashion
  30. Budgeting Apps & Alternative Ways to Budget
  31. Talk Wealth To Me – LIVE
  32. Investment Terms Explained
  33. Sandwich Generation Financial Considerations
  34. Debt & Dating
  35. Single? Tips for Managing Your Finances
  36. How Cooking at Home Saves You Money
  37. Signs Your Debt Stresses You Out
  38. Self-Care Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune
  39. Tips for Funding Your Emergency Savings – While Paying Off Debt
  40. Wills, Trusts & Life Insurance
  41. Financial Considerations for Caregivers
  42. Wedding Saving Tips: Bridal Party & Wedding Guests
  43. Lifestyle Creep
  44. Prenups & Postnuptial Agreements
  45. Inflation & Your Finances
  46. Saving for Your Child’s Future
  47. Teaching Kids About Money
  48. How to Talk to Your Friends, Family About Your Budget
  49. Social Media + Finances 
  50. Micro Money Habits that Add Up
  51. When to Use Your Emergency Fund
  52. (Financial) Shopping Tips
  53. Is a Warranty Worth the Upfront Cost?
  54. When Your Holiday Budget is a Bust
  55. Talk Wealth To Me LIVE Podcast Recording
  56. Long-Term vs. Short-Term Money Goals
  57. The Federal Reserve & Interest Rates
  58. Romance & Money Scams
  59. Student Loan Forgiveness Program Explanation & Update
  60. Recessions & Credit Card Debt
  61. Gaming + Financial Literacy
  62. Music + Your Debt-Free Journey
  63. Caution: Celebrity-Endorsed Financial Moves
  64. What is Credit Counseling?
  65. Financial Mistakes & Mental Health
  66. Signs You’re An Emotional Spender
  67. LGBTQ+ Financial Tips
  68. Tips for Finding Affordable Summer Camp & Child Care
  69. Lending Money to Family & Friends: Should You Do It?
  70. Signs You’re a Financial Enabler
  71. High-Income Earners + Record Credit Card Debt
  72. Scented Credit Cards + How Smell Makes You Spend More
  73. Free Britney Movement + Financial Abuse + Conservatorship Awareness
  74. Addiction + Financial Debt
  75. Why Your Credit Score Varies
  76. Winter Budget Friendly Fun
  77. Gratitude + Your Money
  78. Why Renting is Not a Waste of Money