Talk Wealth To Me Podcast

In 2019, DebtWave Credit Counseling and the San Diego Financial Literacy Center launched the financial education podcast Talk Wealth To Me. The goal of our podcast is to create a safe-space where consumers can ask questions about anything and everything related to personal finance without feeling judged or shamed.

We're currently in our FIFTH season of Talk Wealth To Me, and our team has recorded more than 100 episodes on topics including:
  • Mental Health & Debt
  • How to Build Generational Wealth
  • How to Order a Credit Report
  • Financial Caregivers
  • How to Help Your Kids Learn Healthy Personal Finance Habits
  • Immigration & Finances
  • Financial Infidelity
  • LGBTQ Financial Challenges
  • Affording Adoption
  • First-time Homebuying
  • Tips to Lower Your Grocery Bill
  • How to Earn Passive Income through Rental Properties
  • Frugal Traveling Tips
  • The Pink Tax
  • Racism + Finances
  • Valentine's Budget Tips
  • Generational Money Trauma
  • Financial Therapy
  • Weddings and more!

We also had conversations that scratched the surface of larger financial topics including financial abuse, addiction, cryptocurrencies, and how social welfare programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or unemployment can aid consumers in breaking the poverty cycle.

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