But not all residents are so lucky. The average Minnesotan household owes about $6,761 in credit card debt.

Analysts attribute the increased spending as a sign consumers were feeling optimistic about the economy and were taking on additional debt without necessarily preparing for a financial emergency.   

Minnesota residents interested in either a free credit counseling session and/or enrolling in our debt management program can connect with one of our certified credit counselors by calling us directly at 888-686-4040.

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Testimonials from our Minnesota Clients:  
  • “I couldn’t remember the names of representatives who have assisted me, but they were all great!! All I can really say is that I am so thankful I made the call and will absolutely recommend this service to anyone who needs it – encourage them to call. It just feels so wonderful. I was unemployed when I started (tried temp work as much as I could get), so my payments were low. One recommendation I would give is to tell people if their financial circumstances change for the better, to up the monthly payments to get their debt paid off quicker. Other than that, a big THANK YOU to all!” 
  • “So amazing my bills are getting paid off in a timely manner. DebtWave is the way to go! Thank you so much!” 
  • “Thank you for what you do! DebtWave has enabled me to pay off my debt in a stress-free and discreet fashion and ultimately is allowing me to retire when I want to, not when I can. I am singing your praises to others who can use your help.” 
  • “Couldn’t have asked for a better program to help at a better time. Had dug a hole I had no idea how to crawl out of and now I’m completely debt-free!”