The average household owes around $6,673 in credit card debt.  

Though Mississippians have high rates of unemployment and one of the lowest per capita income rates in the country, Mississippi residents are also among the most generous, consistently ranking as the largest charitable contributors in the nation.   

Mississippi residents interested in either a free credit counseling session and/or enrolling in our debt management program can connect with one of our certified credit counselors by calling us directly at 888-686-4040.  

License Number: DM/2013/2013 
Mississippi Licensed Debt Management Service
Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance
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Testimonials from our Mississippi Clients: 
  • “Great program that I highly recommend. Prior to using, I didn’t know where to turn.” 
  • “My brother was a DebtWave client and I am very glad I listened to ‘baby’ brother and became your client. The stress and worry that your company has alleviated has been a great boon. I have even given your name to friends of mine in the financial loan market. Your company is seen as one of the best for debt relief by these people. I know I could not be more pleased. Thank you!”