Credit Counseling for Utah Residents

Despite having one of the top financial literacy programs for public school students in the entire country, many Utah residents are struggling with debt.

The average Utah household owes about $11,222 in credit card debt, earning Utah the title for third-highest credit card debt levels in the nation, behind Alaska and Wyoming.  

Analysts attribute the increased spending as a sign Utah consumers were feeling optimistic about the state’s economy, which is among the fastest economies growing in the country, and took on additional debt without necessarily preparing for a financial emergency.  

Utah residents interested in either a free credit counseling session and/or enrolling in our debt management program can connect with one of our certified credit counselors by calling us directly at 888-686-4040.  

Notice: Using a debt management plan may make it harder for the individual to obtain credit.  

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Division of Consumer Protection
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Testimonials from our Utah Clients:  
  • “If I knew it was so easy to get out of debt, I would have joined years ago. Last month I got my son to join.”