Have Fun This Summer With Cheap & Free Summer Activities

Do you ever wonder how you can do all of those fun summer activities and not spend a fortune?

With all of the temptation to go out and spend money dining at that new restaurant that just opened, shopping for a new bikini, drinking at your favorite bar, or vacationing to an exotic location, you can end up spending an unwanted amount during these sunshine months.

Well, folks, we’re here to save the day. We have some ideas to help you still get out and have fun but not spend a crazy amount of dough. Check it out!

Have Fun This Summer With Cheap & Free Summer Activities

  • Taco Tuesday

If you’re from San Diego or California in general, most of you know of Taco Tuesday. If you don’t know this phenomenon, on Tuesdays, many Mexican restaurants will serve lower-priced tacos and drinks. Tacos can range anywhere from $1-$4 depending on where you go.

How can you beat that price for a night of eating out? If you don’t want to cook or grocery shop, go out for Taco Tuesday, and this time, you may not be so shocked at your restaurant bill.

  • Airbnb

Airbnb lets you discover amazing places and book a place to stay via a host at their apartment, villa, house, etc. You can find places in more than 34,000 cities across the world at a cheaper price than most hotels. So, if you have travel plans or are planning a staycation and want an affordable place to stay, we suggest you visit this site.

  • Enjoy the Water

If we took a poll, most of you would associate swimming and tanning with summer. So, why not take advantage of this free activity, especially if you’re near an ocean, lake, river, pond, or pool? On any day of the week, this is the perfect activity to take your family, friends, and/ or children for a relaxing and cooling day in the sun.

  • Get Outside

For all of you fans of the outdoors, summer is the time to get out and experience nature. You can go on a trail hike or on a camping trip with friends. For all you non-nature goers, there is even such thing as “glamping” or “glamour camping.” With this, you are technically still camping, but you enjoy nicer things than usual, such as staying in a nice tent or cabin with electricity. Regardless, these two activities are cost-effective, and they allow you to do some major bonding with your family and friends.

  • Sales

We all know that clothes are a necessity. If you have the urge to shop, try finding stores that have sales to save a few bucks. Many stores throw sales during the summer, especially at the end of the season when they try to sell everything so they can bring in the new season’s styles. Nordstrom has their Anniversary Sale going each summer where you can get items for half off the original price! 😉


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