Credit Counseling for Ohio Residents

Thanks to its business-friendly tax systems, Ohio’s become an attractive hub for many industries including trade, utilities, transportation, technology, as well as manufacturing. The Buckeye State is considered one of the most affordable states in the country to live in, with the cost of housing among the most affordable in the U.S.  

Still, not all residents are without their financial issues.

The average Ohio household owes about $5,446 in credit card debt.

Analysts attribute the increased spending as a sign consumers were feeling optimistic about the economy and were taking on additional debt without necessarily preparing for a financial emergency.   

Ohio residents interested in either a free credit counseling session and/or enrolling in our debt management program can connect with one of our certified credit counselors by calling us directly at 888-686-4040.


Testimonials from our Ohio Clients:  
  • “DebtWave has been extremely helpful from day one. Anytime a friend or family member asks how I’m getting my credit cards paid off so fast I tell them about DebtWave and always recommend it.”  
  • “This was something I needed to do. I needed to ask for help and DebtWave accepted me into the program, had the conversations with my creditors that I didn’t want to have, and put me on track to pay off $19,000. I needed this process and education that came with it. It was hard, but the plan worked, and the relief is worth every month with DebtWave.” 
  • “To tell you the truth, once we got onto the program, we pay our monthly amount, and when you guys get in contact with us for something, we send you the information, but other than that, we don’t really have many conversations. We just like watching our debt disappear. Thank you!”