Debt Management Calculators to Help Manage Debt

I used to think I knew so much about my debt.

I thought I could pay it off simply by making larger than minimum payments, that my student loan debt would be fine in its fixed payoff schedule, and that there’d be no reason to try to pay it off ahead of time.

I didn’t even bother trying to make a plan.

Then, one day, I plugged my numbers into a debt payoff calculator.

Boy, was I wrong about everything.

That idea of paying a little over minimum?

It was okay, but not as useful as it could be with a targeted debt payoff plan.

The projected payoff date with just minimums? Yikes.

The idea that my student loans were just fine on a fixed payoff schedule? Well, once I saw how much extra I would pay in interest (an amount I never thought of before), I was floored.

There’s nothing like a good, hard look at numbers to put everything into perspective.

Once I could see my situation in the form of a graph, a payoff date, and the actual cost of my debt (principal balance + interest…a lot of interest), my need to change course and make a plan became very clear.

From that moment on, I created a plan, gave my debt payoff laser focus, and am now credit card debt-free and on my way to student loan debt freedom. Thank goodness I looked at those numbers.

Do you have a clear view of your debt situation?

If not, try one of these debt management calculators to get it – once you do, you’ll be able to create a debt payoff plan that works.

Debt Management Calculators to Help Manage Debt

  • Minimum Payment Calculator

Looking for motivation to pay your debt off faster?

This minimum payment calculator should do the trick. It’s a way to add up your payments and your income to see just how much you’re working to make those minimums.

Want even more proof of how hard you’re working to make those minimum payments?

Try the ReadyForZero The High Cost of Credit Card Debt Calculator for a clear picture of what paying minimum only can really cost.

  • Payoff Period Calculator

How about figuring out just how long your current plan will take?

This payoff period calculator will show you what a road paved with minimum payments really looks like – and gives you a chance to play with some higher amounts and see what a difference a little extra can make.

Want to play with a few more calculators to see your overall debt repayment time?

Try the CNN When Will I Be Debt-Free Calculator or the Bankrate Credit Card Calculator.

  • Debt Payoff Calculator

If you want to get really focused on paying your debt off faster, this simple debt payoff calculator can help you figure out how to do just that.

Plug your minimum payment in and then watch what happens on the slider when you pay a little more – you’ll immediately see a new payoff date and interest saved.

If you have many debt accounts, try the CalcXML Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator.

The More You Know…

No matter which calculator you choose, you’re doing something great for yourself just by plugging these numbers in. When it comes to achieving any goal, you have to know what you’re working with.

The more you know, the better you can do. Using a debt management calculator is a great way to get moving on a debt payoff plan and eventually financial freedom.

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